About Us

The New Era Story

We are trusted education and technology experts providing high-quality, easy-to-use, customer-focused cloud solutions and world-class support. 


New Era was created over 15 years ago to help every type of educational establishment reap the benefits of digital technology. We set out to be market leaders. Today our experienced teams provide educational tools for millions of educators, students and parents to teach, learn and collaborate.


There are over 400 of us working full-time to deliver better educational outcomes on projects around the world. With offices in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and the US we are approaching education on a wider scale.


We were quick to realise the role cloud computing would play in the future of education, offering degrees of flexibility, accessibility and cost efficiency unimaginable 20 years ago. Now we’re unlocking that potential with a suite of world-leading cloud-based products fully tailored to your organisation’s teaching, IT and management requirements.


Collaboration is at the heart of Smarter Education. Our products are built to integrate with leading software platforms, including Office 365 and Google Apps for Education, for a fully streamlined user experience. To achieve the very best outcomes for your organisation, we work with a range of organisations that share our passion and vision for the future of education.


But the story doesn’t stop there. Over the years we have been recognised with some of the leading accolades and awards in the industry.


  • Bett Awards 2018 Finalist
  • Bett Awards 2017 Finalist
  • Bett Awards 2016 Finalist
  • Education Resources Awards - ERA 2017 Finalist
  • Education Resources Awards - ERA 2016 Finalist
  • Crown Commercial Service Supplier
  • Unregulated collective investment schemes
  • UK Council for Child Internet Safety
  • The Education Technology Association
  • Education Investor Awards 2016 Finalist
  • British Educational Suppliers Association