Posted 12 months ago

SATs week is just around the corner...

Teachers would have been talking to their Year 6 pupils well in advance about SATs. It's essential that children know what's coming up, and are well prepared in how to approach SATs week. We want them to be prepared but not worried or scared! 

Speaking to the children is all well and good, but what about the parents? How do we keep them updated on progress for SATs, or how they can support their children through SATs week?

You probably hear about keeping parents engaged and updated with school life, helps to increase pupil achievement. Keeping parents in the know about SATs and, well anything school related, means that pupils and teachers can get the support they need from parents. 

 But what are the best ways to keep parents updated?

Get the conversation flowing early!
There's no set time to start speaking to parents about SATs, but we'd say the earlier you bring it up, the better. A lot of schools may wait till late April / early May to chat to parents about SATs, whilst other schools starts as early as September and have extra classes to support those who need an extra boost. 
 It's the teachers' decision as to when they think is best, but to give pupils an opportunity to get more support early on, it's best to broach the SATs subject as early as possible. 

Keep parents informed of what you are focusing on in class, and what role parents' can be taking to support their children. Sending out newsletters detailing what you will be focusing on will help parents understand the school's SATs approach.

SchoolPing helps schools to keep parents in the know, by allowing schools to send out messages with attachments (like newsletters, photos and more) straight to parent's mobile devices. Parents can get notifications anytime, if they have internet access, and see what their child's been doing that day or week. With no charges per message sent, schools are free to keep parents in the know all year round!  

Give parents a helping hand
Parents will want to do anything and everything to support their children through SATs week. It can be daunting for both parent and child, and finding the right resources will be a priority. 
 Send home a list of websites, or books to find at the local library, that can support learning from home. This will help parents to focus on assisting their child, and stop any stresses about what resources are best to use! 

DB Primary, our online learning cloud, allows teachers to send the classroom home with pupils. Accessible anytime, anywhere, allows pupils to continue to learn and revise in the comfort of their own home. Alongside that, parents can also login and view their child's progress - or just be there to support the learning on the computer! 

Bring everyone together
It'll be good to hold a meeting - if feasible to do so - to explain what parents and children should expect before and during SATs week. No doubt, parents will have many, many questions - so be prepared! Having examples of test questions or papers, can also help parents to see what their child could be facing in their exams. 

Share advice on keeping the stress on the down low
 The need to support children is huge for parents, and knowing the right way can sometimes be tough. Promising presents for good grades, or pushing children to do well can sometimes do the opposite of what parents want to achieve.
 Parents will want to keep their children happy and stress free, in the run up to and during SATs week - so maybe offer tips about what parents can do to stress relieve their children. It doesn't have to be expensive, it could be a trip to the local park or cooking their favourite meal. 

You can send home ideas and updates for stress relief, via SchoolPing - or use the games within DB Primary to let pupils learn and play at the same time! 

All in all, SATs can be a tough time for everyone - especially the children - but as long as schools, teachers, parents and pupils all work together, it should hopefully be a stress-free, learning opportunity for everyone!