Posted 24 months ago

Sometimes it feels that the only way to truly keep a parent engaged is to have them in the classroom with you, fortunately, that isn’t allowed...for now. So what can schools and teachers do to keep parents happy, Ofsted happy, and importantly themselves happy?

At New Era we believe that technology is the answer, long gone are the days of sending home letters in their bags. We all know they get lost or damaged – so why do we hang on to this method? According to the sixth annual Mobile Consumer Survey  “four out of five adults now have a smartphone (equivalent to 37 million people)” so why not tap into this?

Using modern technology allows for a whole range of interactive and fun ways to keep parents engaged with their children’s education. Imagine being able to send photos of pupils with their spelling test results, videos of day trips out or sound clips from music class straight to a parents phone? It’s far quicker and more exciting than a crumpled letter.

Now we know that it isn’t all about sending updates to parents about the fluffy stuff, sometimes you need to let them know the important stuff, like after school club being cancelled at short notice. Emailing or calling everyone is an option it takes a lot of time and how can you tell everyone has received the message? By using something like SchoolPing, our school communication app, you can send out unlimited messages with no character limit to whoever you want in the school - including school groups. Not only that, but you can track which parents have opened and read your message.

There are numerous benefits for strong parental engagement. Check out inforgraphic below and find out how why modern parental engagement is the way forward! 

parent engagement infographic3