Posted 23 months ago

In 2013 the London Borough of Havering launched the Havering Brokerage Service. This multi-supplier buyers framework offers peace of mind and quality assurance for education institutions when they are selecting suppliers for a wide range of education services.

After successfully taking part in a public tender, New Era have been approved to provide Virtual Learning Platforms to education institutions.

It is this rigorous process that gives institutions reassurance that the right calibre of suppliers have been selected for the framework - saving vital hours of research time and minimising procurement risks for schools.

Our suite of cloud-based products address the key issues faced by schools in today’s climate:

  • Budget - save up to £4,600 on your parent communication every year
  • Teacher time - save up to 11 hours of teacher time, per teacher, per week
  • Attainment - Achieve 36,000 hours of home learning every year

To find out more about how we can work with your school to save money, save time and increase efficiency, please get in touch.