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  • world book day

    1 Thu

    World Book Day

    Fact or Fiction? Which is your favourite? Get your pupils to look through their favourite books and find as many items/objects on the list as they can! 

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  • scientist

    9 Fri

    British Science Week

    To the smallest single cell life form to the vastness of the universe; science is all around us! Help teach your pupils about "change" with our categories of state worksheet. 

  • 10 Sat

  • Mothers Day

    11 Sun

    Mother's Day

    Mother's Day is a time to celebrate our mothers. Give your children something special to take home with them, with these lovely themed card templates. Encourage them to get creative and use their independent writing skills to make it extra special! 

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  • st patricks day

    17 Sat

    St Patrick's Day

    St Patrick's Day, the day to celebrate the patron Saint of Ireland. Download the activity and test your pupils knowledge on shamrock drawings. 

  • 18 Sun

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  • 20 Tue

  • Spring equinox

    21 Wed

    Spring Equinox

    Spring Time! When the flowers grow, young animals are born and the weather gets warmer! Our colouring by numbers worksheet is a fun way for pupils to build on their colouring and number recognition skills!

  • world water day

    22 Thu

    World Water Day

    World Water day is a fantastic way to discuss with your class about how to save water. Find out what the children already know about saving water, and get them to think of ways to save more, in and out of school. 

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