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  • walk to school month

    1 Mon

    Walk to School Month

    This month long event takes place every October to promote the importance of road safety, exercise and cooperation within the community. Find out how the DB Learning Library can help you raise awareness in your school.

  • black history month

    1 Mon

    Black History Month

    The Learning Library contains a Martin Luther King, Jr. fact file and quiz to support the teaching and learning of important figures throughout history during Black History Month.

  • 2 Tue

  • 3 Wed

  • space day

    4 Thu

    World Space Week

    This annual learning event is dedicated to the celebration of science and technology across the planet… and beyond! The DB Learning Library includes a dedicated space themed lesson plan as well as fact file and quiz resources.

  • world teachers day image

    5 Fri

    World Teachers' Day

    My teacher is... WONDERFUL! Celebrate World Teacher Day with your class, and get them thinking of descriptive words for their favourite teacher!

  • 6 Sat

  • 7 Sun

  • 8 Mon

  • Triangle

    9 Tue

    Identifying 2D Shapes

    This activity is aimed for KS2 pupils. Can they correctly identify the 2D shapes on the worksheet? 

  • 10 Wed

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  • 15 Mon

  • healthy eating week

    16 Tue

    World Food Week

    Make food the topic of discussion this October and raise the profile of healthy eating in your school during World Food Week.

  • 17 Wed

  • Triangle2

    18 Thu

    Identifying Triangles

    This activity is aimed at KS2 pupils. Pupils can show how they identify the name and main features of different triangles! 

  • 19 Fri

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  • 25 Thu

  • Money

    26 Fri

    Money: Making a Total Cost

    This activity is focussed on LKS2 pupils. This is a great activity to get pupils thinking and showing their understanding of money! 

  • 27 Sat

  • 28 Sun

  • 29 Mon

  • 30 Tue

  • halloween

    31 Wed


    Are you on the lookout for Halloween resources? Get organised before 31st October with a helping hand from the DB Learning Library, including a spooky lesson plan and a range of printable resources!