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  • 1 Sat

  • Anniversary of the Great Fire of London image

    2 Sun

    Anniversary of the Great Fire of London

    Download our Great Fire of London map, and see where the fire started and spread to over time. Don't forget to check out the DB Learning Library for more Pirate resources!

  • 3 Mon

  • 4 Tue

  • activepassive

    5 Wed

    Active & Passive Verbs

    This activity is great for pupils to show an understanding of how the form of a verb may be active or passive.

  • 6 Thu

  • 7 Fri

  • international literacy day

    8 Sat

    International Literacy Day

    This UNESCO event is designed to emphasise the importance of literacy skills and to raise awareness regarding literacy levels across the world.

  • numberline

    9 Sun

    Number Line Counting

    This lesson plan is great to use for your LKS2 pupils. Demonstrate how to count forward or back in regular intervals using addition and subtraction problems. 

  • 10 Mon

  • 11 Tue

  • 12 Wed

  • roald dahl day

    13 Thu

    Roald Dahl Day

    Happy Birthday Roald Dahl! We have a wonderful quote poster for you to put up in the classroom, maybe in the book corner? 

  • 14 Fri

  • 15 Sat

  • 16 Sun

  • homophon

    17 Mon

    KS2 Homophones

    This worksheet is a great starter activity, to see if your KS2 pupils can complete the sentences with a correctly spelled homophone!

  • 18 Tue

  • Artboard 1

    19 Wed

    Talk Like a Pirate Day

    Ahoy there matey! Your pupils might know how to talk like a pirate, but what do they know what they need to build the best pirate ship ever? We have a resource to help them! 

  • 20 Thu

  • 21 Fri

  • 22 Sat

  • Harvest Festival image

    23 Sun

    Harvest Festival

    As Autumn approaches pupils can learn more about the celebration of Harvest Festival and the meaning behind its customs at this time of year.

  • negative

    23 Sun

    Negative Number Line

    This lesson plan is one for the older children! Allow your KS2 pupils to demonstrate counting across the zero boundary from negative to positive! 

  • recycling week

    24 Mon

    Recycle Week

    Why is it important to recycle and what can you do to help your community? You and your pupils can find out with DB’s recycling resources.

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