Able+ CloudIdentity and Access Management solution for the education market.

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Able+ Cloud offers a fast and secure way to connect all your users, devices, apps, cloud based data and content.

With single-sign-on your users only have to enter their login details once to gain access to all their cloud based apps.

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    Google and Office 365 management

    Control licensing, account creation and password management across your organisation.

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    User provisioning and de-provisioning

    Streamlined account creation allows easy management of app access, account modification and account deletion

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    Stronger security

    Enhance your security through multi-factor authentication and enforce your identity policy across all users.

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    Education market experts

    With over 15 years experience providing cloud solutions to the education market, our industry knowledge is unrivaled.

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    Reduced costs

    One single cloud hosted solution decreases hardware and software costs, as well as reducing demand on IT resources.

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    Time saving

    Single sign on, password reset, application access control and simplified identity management, saves vital hours of IT administration time.


Able+ Cloud will significantly improve your efficiency, whilst revolutionising your control and security of cloud based services. 

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    Secure cloud hosting

    Hosted on safe and secure cloud with 99.99% up time.

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    Identity management

    With automated provisioning and deprovisioning identity management becomes streamlined & simplified

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    Single sign-on (SSO)

    Control application access across your organisation with ease and eliminate multiple passwords

  • unified storage icon
    Unified storage

    Access your cloud storage files and solutions in one place - removing the need for hardware network storage

  • automated licensing icon
    Automated licensing & user provisioning

    Automate provisioning and deprovisioning with control from your Active Directory

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    Customisable role permissions

    Create bespoke roles and manage permissions and access rights - streamlining your onboarding process

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    Advanced password reset

    Ensure enhanced security around password resets

  • notifications icon

    Set reminders and notifications against calendar and event items.

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    Custom branding

    Own your own cloud solution and stamp your brand identity on your software across your community

  • multi languages icon
    Multiple languages

    Empower your users to set their own language from over 90 languages

  • dedicated account icon
    Dedicated account managers

    Receive world class support from your account manager and support team.

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    App catalogue

    Access thousands of apps through our app catalogue as well as integrate with any cloud based applications you use.

  • messaging icon

    Manage all of your internal and external communications from one place.

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    Custom dashboards

    Create custom dashboards to get at-a-glance reports on your most valued information.

  • management reporting icon
    Management reporting

    Pull together instant management reports using a full range of data and variables.

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    Usage analytics

    Analyse your app usage to ensure maximum efficiency is achieved.

We integrate with 1,000s of applications

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As a New Era customer you can be sure that security is paramount to everything we do.

We not only offer the highest level of compliance and security measures

Recognised as a Crown Commercial Supplier for over 6 years, we are committed to providing unbeatable security for our cloud partners.

With Able+ Cloud only the tightest control over your users access exist, making your operations secure and limiting any risk of manipulation.

Able+ Cloud offers the possibility of MFA workflows to protect and secure administrative accounts. The granular Permission framework also assures that ONLY the users that have been granted access can view and modify sensible and secure data. This access can also be granted on a “need to” basis making sure that both operativity and security are granted.


Able Cloud


  • Is my data safe?

    Able+ cloud is hosted on one of the most advanced public clouds - Azure. This provider offers the highest assurance of data security. They also offer a set of tools (encryption at rest, RBAC, Auditing) used to make sure that your data is safe and can be accessed only by those individuals who have the rights to. The geo-distribution of their datacentres offered by the providers give the possibility to reside the data within the geographical regions required by law. Azure also offer a large no. of certifications re data protection and security, certifications that we inherit as a hosted platform.

  • How easy is it to set up?

    In short - very easy. The platform is set up by New Era education as part of the onboarding process. We will discuss and study the best options to set your estate up and will work aside with the ICT team to make this transition as smooth as possible. If needed we will implement ad hoc processes/connectors to achieve this.

  • How do I add new users?

    New users and their permissions are added automatically through our integration with your MIS or AD. Once imputed in your system they will be created an account in Able+ Cloud and given all the right permissions associated to their role.

  • How do I add new app integrations?

    We integrate with 1,000's of the most popular cloud solutions and to add an integration from a partner in our app library is very simple. If we don’t already integrate with a solution this too is very simple. We support all open standards for Identity and Access Management and can integrate with your cloud solution in a couple of days providing they support these standards too.

  • What savings can I make using Able+ Cloud?

    Able+ Cloud saves institutions time and money. It is quick to deploy, has zero maintenance and requires no new hardware. IT departments save huge amounts of time from password management, management of lots of different accounts online, access to the right resources for the right people and makes management and maintenance of this quick and easy, For the end user they only need to remember one username and password and then have access to everything they need, saving lots of time logging in to multiple systems and remembering lots of credentials.

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